Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sleeping Baby

She loves sleeping with her hands behind her head. She is so precious!

Video Update

This a post for my family who is desperately in need of some video of their sweet Halle. The second one is of Halle's first banana. She is just like her mommy and despises them. Good Girl Hal! The first one is her cracking up at her dad who is abusing the dog with his craziness. 

Saturday, December 6, 2008


For Thanksgiving Mike, Halle, and I went to my Aunts lakehouse in Georgia. It was great to see everyone and eat lots of southern home cooking! About a month or two ago my mimi was giving a speech to a nursing home ( I think) and she sang the song called Enjoy Yourself. She was so cute that they even put her on the news singing. My mom and Mac had a crazy idea to recreate Mimi's debut. They are too funny!!! Unfortunately, my mom was not able to make it to Georgia this year so I videotaped Mimi's reaction to her video. Here you go mom! Mimi had no idea it was you till you took your wig off and never knew Marge was Mac! I love you Mimi, you are so cute!!!