Monday, September 29, 2008

Mike, Halle and I flew out to Utah for a week and had so much fun. We went out to learn what we are going to be doing for our new jobs together. We are so excited that my mom and Mac have given us this awesome opportunity to work together and spend more time with Halle! But more importantly we went so we could see some family and friends =) Halle did not like the plane ride out and she let everyone know about it! The first day we got there we drove over Guardsman Pass to SLC and had a huge breakfast and walked around Silver Lake.

Here is Halle and GG watching the ducks. Halle enjoyed them and one duck in particular really enjoyed the taste of Halle's...toe! 
Crazy duck!
Here is Blair and I enjoying the mountain views while eating breakfast.
Breathtaking views on our drive over the mountains.  I am really getting homesick for the mountains.

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