Friday, April 24, 2009

I Love Springtime in the South

(Sorry this post is a little out of order but my pictures were posted weird and I didn't feel like spending forever fixing it.)
 Halle loved the lake!!
(This is why they call them the Blue Ridge Mountains)
(This is "our spot" where we park and hang out. There is a place in the woods where some people have made a cool little campsite that we are thinking of going for Mother's Day weekend)

It has been such beautiful weather lately down here in South Carolina! Mike and I have been doing a lot of things around town that are free and it's surprising how many fun things there are to do that require no money. Downtown Greenville has concerts every Thursday and Friday and we have gone to a few of those. Next week they are playing E.T. in the park. I hope we can make it. Last weekend we went on a hike to a waterfall with our friend Emily who was in town from Boone. It was a fun hike with a yummy picnic. Today we got the boat out and and went to the lake. It was Halle's first time on the boat and I was a little worried that she would hate sitting in a bulky uncomfortable life jacket but she loved every second of it. She had the wind in her face and was blowing raspberries the whole time. I love being outside in the Springtime!!

What a huge waterfall, huh? I forgot to take a picture of the real waterfall. So sad!


Josh and Chandice Probst fam said...

Hayes, your little girl has gotten so big! How are you guys? How is Blair and the rest of your family?

Josh and Chandice Probst fam said...

Hey Hayes! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Tell Blair congrats! I LOVE cloth diapering. It is sooo easy. You just put the diapers in the wash just the way they are (soiled) for a cold rinse first then the hot wash. Once babies are a little bigger and they're having more solid stool you can use rice paper liners and just pull them out and flush them down the toilet. Believe me, if it was hard at all I so would not do it. :)