Monday, March 30, 2009

Hilton Head

Enjoying some live music
After a nice stroll on the beach Halle slept like a little angel.
She didn't know what to think of the sand between her toes.

Halle and her buddy James! 
She couldn't stop laughing as we jumped the waves.
She loved watching the waves come in. 
James and Missy invited us to stay at a really nice condo overlooking the marina. 
It was a very nice relaxing trip!


Patsy Jean said...

Hayes, Mike, & Halle, she's so beautiful! Can't believe how big she's gotten! Does she always sleep like that? That is so precious!
Love ya'll

Sheena said...

How fun! I am glad you updated your blog, because it is fun to check it out every now and again. I can't believe you are in shorts, it's still freezing cold here!

Erin said...

It looks like a great time!

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