Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes

Last week South Carolina looked a lot like Utah! It March! The weatherman kept saying a snow storm was coming but we all thought he was crazy. Well it rained all day and by late afternoon sure enough it started to snow. By that evening it was sticking and the flakes were huge and gorgeous. It was the most snow since 1993, a whole 4 inches!! I bundled Halle up and took her outside. She wasn't really phased. She just stared and was really more interested in Riley who was sliding all over the place and barking like a crazed animal at the strange white stuff falling from the sky. Mike and I stood staring straight into the white sky admiring the huge flakes. It was really trippy looking up and seeing a million snowflakes falling around the trees. Schools were cancelled the next day and delayed the next. It was truly a beautiful night!!! It made me sort of miss Utah but I love S.C. weather too much. Why? Last week it snowed and this weekend was 75. We had a great time laying in the hammock, gardening and doing yardwork, Halle and I even had a picnic while Mike unloaded rocks for our firepit, and we even hit a few balls at the driving range. I love Spring and I am loving the time change and it staying lighter later. What a difference a week makes. Next weekend, 53!?


Aleisa said...

The weather is crazy everywhere. It actually snowed here yesterday and is snowing again is crazy! It is fun though to have a little snow every once in awhile, but I don't like it to stay long!

Rasmussen Family said...

I am glad you are appreciating the snow, because I am about sick of it and it is snowing again today. I think I would like it more if I got to enjoy the 75 degree weather afterwards. Love you hazel nut!