Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Time

Halloween is my favorite holiday! There's no stress, no commitments, free candy, good food, and good times to be had! This year we hosted our first neighborhood Halloween party, went to Denver Downs Farm, and trick or treated with friends.
 This year we carved a Clemson tiger paw. Go tigers!
 Halle was a cowgirl with pink hair for the party.
 Here are all of our party guests. We played a skeleton hunt, wrap the mummy, made caramel pops, oreo pumpkin pops, and had mummy drink with mummy hot dogs. It was a blast!
 Denver Downs is a big farm with so many fun activities! The corn maize was really low due to the drought but Halle was pretending to be Dora and had her map and everything. It was too cute!!!
 Donna joined us after work and we went on a hayride to find the most perfect pumpkin in the patch. They also had rope swings in the barn that Halle loved going on all by herself. You are quite the daredevil! 

 What a cutie! This is the dress I made for you last year. Glad it still fit.
 Halle you crack us up! # weeks before Halloween you were trying to decide what you wanted to be. Fro about a week you were torn between a kitchen and a sock. Then you were set on being a sock. Miss. Molly had a huge Christmas stocking that I was going to use as a pattern. I had no idea on how I was going to do it but if that's what you wanted to be then I was going to make your wish come true. Hahahaha!!! You were telling everyone that's what you were going to be and they thought it was hilarious! Then you changed your mind and were set on being your daddy!! Aww that just melted his heart!!!! Everyone you told said it was the cutest thing ever!!! You love your daddy!!! You have the cutest little personality!
 We went with the Woods' in their neighborhood and they hooked a trailer to the back of their golf cart and we got to trick or treat in style!!! It was a blast and you got lots of candy!!!

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Patsy said...

Hayes, when I was around 7 or 8 I was my daddy for Halloween! I thought I was so cool, had on some khaki work pants and GA Power Shirt, of course everybody was saying what are you and I would proudly say, My Daddy! Great memories!