Monday, November 7, 2011


Near the end of August the weather was getting just right for camping and we were getting excited to get away into the great outdoors for a few days. I got a little over zealous and decided to go all out. When I was a little girl I remember camping with my family in Helen, Georgia so I wanted to recreate that for us. It was beautiful and fun but we decided that while ya'll are still so little we will stick close to home because it was a lot of work!  But oh so worth it! We loaded up the trailer and brought everything but the kitchen sink. To some it may not be camping but when you have little kids this is roughing it. Ha!  We bought Halle her first fishing pole and picked a campsite right by the pond. We didn't catch anything but you got really good at casting it! You were all about it and it was the first thing you wanted to do when you woke up. 
 Finally getting to relax and enjoy some hot dogs.
 Morning walk to the bathroom and had to stop to catch some fish
 Mmm pancakes for breakfast
 Ben napping in the hammock. You were in heaven being able to be outside all day! 
 Painting rocks and leaves with your new glitter glue.
 Nursing Ben while Halle gives me a beautiful pedicure.
 Pretty toes.
 Daddy showing you how it's done! He did manage to catch a tree and almost fell in trying to free it!
 I love you little man!
 Enjoying camp life!
 We went into Helen and enjoyed the cold river, ate some dinner, shopped and got to pet the horses.
 Enjoying the German feeling of Helen.
 This is all he did...Smile!!! So happy!!
 Roasting ginormous marshmallows!!
 Reading Bailey Goes Camping to my sweet Halle Bird.
 Mike and I stayed up and were very fortunate to witness a cicada metamorphasize! We were mesmorized! We had a lot of fun with this.
 We brought his changing pad for him to sleep on and he woke up at 5am crying because he had wiggled his head right off the edge. Poor little guy.

 Morning walk around camp. Riley had a blast swimming in the pond!!
 These pictures are of our second camping trip. We learned to keep it simple with little kids and spur of the moment planned it. We went to Oconee Point on Lake Hartwell in Seneca. It was five minutes from his parents house and they joined us but didn't stay the night. 
 Getting ready for bed.
 Halle and her grandma!

Cant wait for many more camping memories! 

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