Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 months

Dear Ben Jammin,
Your little personality is really shining through now! You give us the biggest smiles and the cutest laughs. You coo and talk to us all the time. I discovered your tickle spot and can get you from crying to laughing in a split second. Halle has also discovered how to calm you down. You love when she jumps up and down on the hardwood. I guess the vibrations distract you and calm you down. You are still not a paci baby but you love your blankie and your bunny that your great aunt Nina got you. You love to snuggle them by your face. You also love to suck on your hands. 
You are really trying to roll over. When I lay you on your back you love to wiggle around. The first time I noticed this I left the room for a minute and came back and you were in a totally different spot from when I left you. When we were loading the car to go camping I set you in your car seat but didn't buckle you in. We heard you screaming and daddy ran to you and said you were face down in the car seat. You had turned around to get your eyes out of the sun. Halle said she was trying to help you turn back over. You are definitely the little wiggle worm that you were in the womb. Haha!!You are such an easy baby and so laid back. I love you so much!!!

Here you are with your bunny all snuggled up!!

When you get really tired you love to rub it all over face. Halle loves to play peekaboo with the blankie and you just laugh and laugh. It's so sweet!!

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