Monday, August 22, 2011

Indoor Camping Adventure

I have been planning a camping trip for next weekend and Mike took Halle to go get her a Dora sleeping bag. When they got home it started to rain so we decided to camp inside and invite the neighbors for day of adventure. I pitched the tent in the living room and the got suggled in and watched Tangled while eating popcorn and gummy worms. After the movie we had hotdogs in the tent and roasted marshmallows over the stove. Then I had a few supplies left over from the Olympics at the lake and we did a few of them. Then we told ghost stories and had a jammie party. At one point Mike and I decided to bang on the tent to scare them. I had Ben in my arms and while I did it and the kids screamed but poor Ben screamed the loudest. Sorry buddy but it was worth it to hear them scream with terror. I'm horrible I know. 
You can barely see little Ben but he enjoyed the day too!

Halle telling ghost stories in her scary mask and flashlight. Haha

She wanted to sleep in the tent instead of her bed so read books in the tent. She did pretty good but came and joined us in our room around 3am.

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