Monday, August 22, 2011

Blair's Visit

My sister Blair came down for a week to meet her new nephew.  She brought all of her paint supplies and we had a full day of painting in the garage. She painted a pretty "pinkalicious" flower for Halle per her request and a crab for Ben's room. Halle had fun creating her own masterpiece. We visited the pool one day and had fun going down the slides.    
  I had bought Mike a Sips n Strokes groupon for our anniversary but he insisted that I take Blair. haha. We had a blast with our bottle of wine and learned how to paint an awesome guitar. It was a fun time!!

 For the weekend we went to my aunt Connie's lakehouse on Lake Sinclair and had fun visiting family. I am starting a new family tradition of Carlisle Family Olympics. We had a potato sack race, pentathlon, pie eating contest, a game from Minute to Win it, Family Crawl, and water balloon contest. Halle had a blast and couldn't stop asking when we were going to do the games. She loved the potato sack race and looked so cute hopping in her gigantic trash bag. The pie eating contest was very humorous. All the kids and Candi did it and they had whip cream all over and there is my sweet little Halle on her knees crouched over her plate licking the whip cream like a cat drinking milk. She does not like to get messy. haha. The closing ceremonies consisted of Colin doing a magic show. He was pretty impressive and gave all the kids a chance to assist him.

We swam, ate lots of good food, kayaked, jet skiied, and enjoyed eachothers company. I love our family!! On our way down Ben didn't make a peep. He slept the whole way only waking to take a bottle and poor Halle halfway through asked if we would just drop her off on the side of the road.  Then we got to listen to Halle scream for the last 20 minutes on the three hour drive back home. 
Ben's first boat ride. I think it's safe to say he loved it!! He slept like this for at least two hours!!

Colin the Magician and Halle
Ben working on his tummy time (2 months)

One night we were all hanging on the dock before bedtime and Halle had us all lined up in chairs and was telling us stories about princesses and frogs. She would get so funny when we weren't listening and shush us and tell us "guys you're making me frustrated!' She would also say "be quiet or I'll nail your feet to floor", because Blair told her a really funny joke about a duck asking a store for duck food over and over and then the owner was fed up and said if you ask one more time I'll nail your webbed feet to the floor. Haha She had Blair tell that joke at least twenty times during her visit and Blair happily obliged.

Mimi (91) and my fam.

Mimi is so cute and when we arrived she asked Blair what grade she was going into. Haha she's a nut!! On the way home I asked Halle what her favorite part of the trip was and with no hesitation she said Aunt Blair. Love it!!!

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