Monday, July 18, 2011

Benjamin Michael Ells

Benjamin Michael Ells
Born 5.25.11 ( Two days after sis)
7 lbs 10 oz
21 inches

You just were not ready to come into this world and were too comfy in my belly. Your due date was May 19th and May 19th came and went. The doctors wanted to induce me so that there weren't any complications. I went to the dr's on monday (Halle's birthday) and they did a stress test to make sure you were okay. They were looking for a response in your breathing to clear me. If they didnt see it then we would have been induced that day. They had to see it within thirty minutes and by minute 29 they saw the right movement and we were cleared to go home and be induced Tuesday night. That 30 minutes was pretty scary though. Even though the drs downplayed it dad had to leave the room to regroup. You were extremely active my whole pregnancy and the last two months you had really slowed down. I kept telling the drs and they kept saying it was because you had less room to move. I also went into pre-term labor with you at 30 weeks and I had to go to the hospital so they could give me a shot to stop the contractions. So seeing that you might possibly be in stress really scared us.

Dad and I headed to the hospital Tuesday night after eating Los Amigos for dinner. I was given my cervidal at 9:30pm and Dad helped me get all settled for bed and then was off for his weekly poker game at Ryan's. Haha. It was 5 minutes down the road and I didn't mind. I watched No Strings Attached and when he got back we had an ice cream date before bed. I slept for about three hours before I was woken at 5:15 to shower and get ready for your big arrival. I was given pitocin at 6:30am. Dr. Metherall came in at 8:10am to break my water. At 10 I was dilated to a 3. At 11 I was at a four and got the lovely epidural shot. Your poor dad couldn't fully use his hands for almost an hour because, man that shot is brutal but oh so worth it. At 12 I took an hour long nap and at 2:45 I started feeling contractions. At 3 i told the nurse I was having an urge to push and she could feel your head and went to get Dr. Bradley. They were ready for me to push at 3:15. Nurse Liz that helped deliver you also helped deliver Halle. Pretty coo
l! Dad was put to work and helped hold one of my legs up. He was a trooper. After 3 contractions of pushing you were up on my chest and finally in my arms. Dr. Bradley downplayed how scary your birth could have been. The cord was wrapped around your neck twice and you had a true knot in your cord. He said the combo of both of those was very rare. You are our little miracle baby. He also predicts that you will probably be a very active person due to your very active time in the womb. Haha.

Halle was so excited to meet you. Throughout your whole pregnancy she kept asking if you could come out and play, just for a little bit. She was waiting in the lobby with gma and papa and they said that she was jumping around saying, "I'm so excited!". When she c
ame in her eyes were wide and she was very chill and a little reserved. She came up on the bed with us and couldn't take her eyes off of you. She helped hold you and gave you kisses. Her eyes were glued and she was in love.

Ben, you are such a joy and we are so happy that God has given you to us. You have brought a new dynamic to our little family and we can't wait to watch you grow and see what you will become.

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