Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Dad

 It has been 9 years this month. Wow it doesn't seem that long. You were such a fun dad and I hate that we didn't get the chance to grow together and become close friends. You would have been such a fun grandpa and would have spoiled my kids to death. Every time around your anniversary I get depressed and sad. However, without realizing it we chose our wedding anniversary date of July 7th and Mike's birthday is on the 9th so your date of the 8th is surrounded by happier times which helps me get through the week on a more positive note. This year you made the 8th even happier. Mike and I were driving the kids to Halle's swim lesson and on a quiet little road we saw a Hill-Rom truck pass us. Wow you couldn't have made it more clear that you are still in my life and are always looking out for me. I have never seen a Hill-Rom truck before and there were no hospitals around. It was a pretty awesome moment. Thank you for that ray of sunshine on a hard day.

Fun memories of you as my dad:
*You were at every single one of our games, dance recitals, swim meets, etc. And that you were determined to get us to try every extra-curricular activity there was.
*Being my softball coach and throwing ball with me at night.
*You made ordinary things much more monumental-The way you surprised us with Bo, how in order to get my ears pierced Rand had to hit a home run over the fence (I was his biggest cheerleader for a while)
*Being your shopping buddy! - You had the greatest taste in clothes and could shop for hours. You took me one time and I had to buy all of my clothes but when we got the car you paid me for them all ( I thought that was such a good idea because then I only bought what I really loved)
*Your huge smile with your loud laugh-I can still hear it
*Christmas morning and taking your sweet little time in the shower making us wait in anticipation at the top of the stairs-You thought that was so funny and would purposely take forever!!
*Getting so excited seeing us so excited
*Thanks for always loving us!
After you passed away we drove to Yellowstone to one of our favorite hikes and spread your ashes in the beautiful river behind us. For your 10 year anniversary we plan on making it out there and making that same hike in honor of you.
You were so goofy. This was taken on a daddy daughter date to Six Flags.
This is us after my school play. I seriously admire that you were at every single one of our events.

Love you dad and wish we had more time together. Thanks for all the memories!!

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aleisa said...

Hayes, I cannot believe it has been 9 years. This was such a sweet and loving post in memory of your Day, thanks for sharing it! I know he is so proud of you and of what you have become. Thanks for sharing how amazing he was!