Monday, November 7, 2011

4 Months

 Dear Ben Jammin,
This month you really started smiling and laughing!!! Your new nickname is Mr. Smiley! You rolled over for the first time! You were 3.5 months old! It was so cute too. Halle and I love to come get you in the mornings while you're still cooing. After we change your diaper and get you dressed we usually hang out in your room playing for a while. We were all on the floor reading books and I could tell you were going to do it any minute so I got out my phone to video it. Halle and I were coaching you along and Halle lays down and said all excited, "Look I can do it too". She was so proud of herself! Haha! She started getting frustrated that you weren't doing it and she grabbed your feet while you were on your belly and flipped you right over! You don't seem to mind her messing with you and have gotten pretty used to it. A few minutes later I got you rolling over on video. You banged your head on the carpet and were pretty upset about it and it took you a while to try again. You are such a happy little guy and have brought so much joy into our lives!!! Love you!!

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Anonymous said...

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